Credit Card Payment Solutions for State and Local Government

This past week I witness something that truly moved me and made me realize I want to personally do more to help State and local police officers. I was running errands and noticed an unusual number of police officers along my route. I was at an intersection waiting for the light to turn and there were several officers blocking traffic. This was followed by a continuous procession of various police vehicles from numerous cities, counties, and even universities. This line of vehicles didn't just go by for a couple minutes, it lasted for approximately twenty five minutes. On average I think there was a police vehicle passing every four seconds. Personally, I have never seen anything like it. People were lining the street on both sides of the road. There was a young girl with her mother and she held her hand to her heart as the vehicles streamed by. Another person even had a drone taking video of the event.  Once I returned to the office I checked the local news to find out a Georgia Gwinnett County officer that was killed in the line of duty was being laid to rest. The officer had been shot and killed while responding to a call about a suspicious car. To see so many officers, from so many cities and counties around the State of Georgia was not only humbling it a call to action. As a Veteran owned business CFXWorks wants to help! That is why, we would like to assist any Government agency in any City, County, State, or University by offering our credit card payment software license free.

By offering our credit card payment software license free to the above specified entities, this can mean a significant annual savings in potential credit card transaction fees. This potential savings is money that can be redirect back to the law enforcement community. Thus, providing additional revenue for new equipment, more training, more officers, or even higher pay. If there is anyway we can assist the law enforcement community save money while helping achieve PCI-DSS compliance would be extremely honored to help!

CFXWorks offers credit card payment solutions that support:

  • Intel & AMD (Windows 7, Window 10, Red Hat Linux and CentOS Linux)
  • IBM Power (AIX, Red Hat Linux, and IBM i)