GiftCardXpress (Embedded) Overview

GiftCardXpress using CFXWorks' embedded processing engine

The Embedded version of GiftCardXpress is a closed loop gift card solution that uses CFXWorks, the 4th largest processor in the United States and Canada, to process their gift card transactions. It targets large merchants who want to outsource much of the effort required to design and manufacture the cards and to process their gift card transactions. This solution is an excellent choice for merchants who require a solution that:

  • Provides them assistance, from an experienced organization, to deploy and manage their gift card solution.
  • Allows them to negotiate their fee structure directly with CFXWorks eliminating all 3rd parties.
  • Is reliable and cost effective.
  • Does not require costly system upgrades.
  • Will scale to support increasing higher transaction volumes without rewrite.
  • Runs on their platform and database server of choice.
  • Will coexist with their current back office and front office systems.
  • Supports many integration options.
  • Is implemented consistent with PCI DSS even though GIFT CARDS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO PCI DSS.

Merchants using this version of GiftCardXpress must purchase an CFXWorks merchant account and pay their processing fees.

CFXWorks GiftcardXpress Embedded gift card payment solution brief pdf
GiftcardXpress Embedded Brief

CFXWorks GiftcardXpress gift card payment solution using Elavon executive overview pdf
GiftcardXpress Embedded Executive Overview


CFXWorks GiftcardXpress embedded gift card payment solution requirementsGiftCardXpress (Embedded) Requirements

  1. GiftCardXpress Embedded - is for merchants wanting to act as their own processor.
  2. To use CFXWorks' Embedded GiftCardXpress solution there is no requirement to purchase a merchant account from a processor.
  3. Since the merchant serves as their own processor, this means they are eliminating the 3rd party in the equation. Therefore, the mechant is eliminating potential transaction bottle necks and security issues!
  4. This solution totally cuts out the Processor from the Giftcard transaction equation! More importantly this means the merchant is completely cutting out processor transactions and the fees associated with those transactions.

CFXWorks GiftcardXpress embedded gift card payment solution pricingGiftCardXpress (Embedded) Pricing

Be your own processor. Pay no transaction processing fees!

GiftCardXpress (GCX) Embedded is for merchants wanting to act as their own processor of their giftcards and require a solution provider that:

  • Charges an annual subscription fee which includes the license, maintenance, and support.
  • Charges NO per transaction fees.
  • Has NO LIMIT on the number of transactions.
  • Has NO CHARGE for development or backup systems.
  • Offers discounts are offered for institutions, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only payment solution provider who has completed IBM certification on IBM's Power 7 and 8 platforms. We completed IBM certification using AIX, RedHat Linux and IBM i. Of course we also support Intel platforms.

Call CFXWorks today (678-455-0952) to discuss pricing and any questions you might have!


CFXWorks GiftcardXpress embedded gift card payment solution testing and demo softwareGiftCardXpress (Embedded) Testing & Demo Software

You don't have to purchase GiftCardXpress (GCX) Embedded for testing and integration.

  • NO COST test/demo software is available that is fully functional and can be used for training, testing and integration purposes. The only restricition on our test software is that it will only run test transactions against the processors test server.
  • Therefore, the transactions are not settled and funds are not transferred.
  • This gives your organization a chance to kick the tires before purchasing the product.
  • Need help installing? We can help! Call us at 678-455-0952.

Then when your ready to run production transactions, just install the production license file and your off and running! No need to re-install and start over!

CFXWorks GiftcardXpress embedded gift card payment solution headquarters in Atlanta, GAWho is CFXWorks?

Empowering Merchants Through Technology

CFXWorks has been developing encryption and secure messaging solutions since 1993. In 2001, we began developing payment card solutions that supported Elavon (formerly Nova Information Systems).

Over the years, CFXWorks has developed payment solutions that support TSYS Acquiring Solutions, PaymentTech, Authorize.Net, Bank of America's Virtual Pay and Global Payments.

We are currently focusing on adding support for Tokenization and EMV to our payment solutions to provide our customers a choice of solutions that are “Out-of-Scope” for PCI-DSS.

CFXWorks has also developed other custom gateways solutions including: shipping APIs, fraud protection APIs, as well as gateways for several government and law enforcement agencies.

We truly want your business! Call us today 678-455-0952!