Avoids Lock-in

Reasons to Swap Out Your Current Credit Card Solution and replace it with PaymentCardXpress® (PCX) - #4 Avoids Lock-In

Platform, Database, Market Segment, Language, Processor, Integration, and Deployment

There are many forms of lock-in that you can be exposed to when using a payment card solution. In our PaymentCardXpress® (PCX) solution we attempt to avoid lock-in as it relates to many of the technology issues that cause lock-in including: platforms, database servers, market segments, programming languages, processors, integration issues, deployment issues, and vendors.

Why do you care? Lock-in can narrow your choice of options, adds time and resources to your development efforts, and forces you to incur substantial upgrade or switching costs. Over time, technologies come and go, as well as the skills and resources necessary for support.

We have all been burned at least once by lock-in, including CFXWorks. That is why we have placed so much energy into helping our customers avoid it. The following table summarizes our efforts to help our customers avoid lock-in:

Avoid Lockin - table 1

There is one other form of lock-in that you should be aware of that CFXWorks can do nothing about but share our advice. There are two forms of this lock-in that we see again and again:

Avoid Lockin - Table 2