Question 1:   What does "In-Scope" and "Out-Of-Scope" for PCI-DSS mean relative to processing Credit and Debit Cards?
For the answer to this question, please review our Blog Post.
Question 2:   Why would a merchant want to be "Out-Of-Scope" for PCI DSS?
For the answer to this question, please review our Blog Post.
Question 3:   Is CFXWorks’ PaymentCardXpress (PCX) "In-Scope" or "Out-Of-Scope"?
PCX does not capture, store, process, or transmit the PAN. PCX uses Elavon’s Fusebox and Simplify technology to perform these services. PCX has NO visibility to the PAN. Since the PAN is the “defining factor” for card holder data, PCX is Out-Of-Scope for PCI-DSS/PA-DSS. Also, PCX does not store the service code, track data, CVV2, or PIN/PIN block. Coalfire, a PCI DSS QSA, has confirmed that PCX is "Out-Of-Scope".
Question 4:   If CFXWorks’ PCX is "Out-Of-Scope", are users of PCX "Out-Of-Scope"?
This could be a trick question because PCI DSS applies to a using organization’s:
  • Application Software
  • Operating System level software
  • Network hardware and software
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Staff
Basically, everything in the using organization’s environment that has anything to do relative to capturing, storing, processing, or transmitting the PAN; and/or has any visibility to the PAN is subject to PCI DSS.
Therefore, any one component, including PCX, could be "Out-of-Scope" for PCI DSS but that certainly doesn’t mean that the other entities are "Out-of-Scope" nor that the merchant is "Out-of-Scope".
Question 5:   What does PCX cost, including the license fee and support?
Call CFXWorks for pricing information (678-455-0952). Ask about our special pricing for existing CFXWorks customers and for non-profit organizations.
Question 6:   Does CFXWorks offer "non-profit" organizations a discount?
YES. Call CFXWorks for pricing information (678-455-0952).
Question 7:   Does CFXWorks have a tiered based pricing model that imposes volume limitations?
NO. CFXWorks has NO VOLUME limitations.
Question 8:   Does PCX support multiple merchant accounts?
Yes. PCX supports one to many merchant accounts. Price does vary slightly for multiple merchant accounts.
Question 9:   Does PCX change extra for multiple merchant accounts?
Yes. Our base product normally supports a minimum of three merchant accounts. Price may vary for over three multiple merchant accounts depending on the version of our product chosen to be installed.
Question 10:   Does CFXWorks charge any per transaction fees?
NO. CFXWorks charges NO PER TRANSACTION fees.
Question 11:   Does CFXWorks charge any fees other than a license fee and an optional annual support fee?
Only support fees which are optional.
Question 12:   What integration options are supported by PCX?
One of CFXWorks’ differentiators is that we offer many integration options. Our assumption is that our users tend to be larger organizations with significant front and back office system integration requirements. Therefore, we specialize in offering many options. Please view our blog Integration Options for a brief discussion of these options or call us at 678-455-0952 to discuss.
Question 13:   What integration option is best for my organization?
This is the subject of a new CFXWorks’ blog entry that is currently work-in-progress. For right now call us at 678-455-0952 to discuss.
Question 14:   CFXWorks’ PCX offering is written in Java. Do my programmers need to know Java to integrate PCX with my front and back office systems?
NO. But I think you will find that Java runs on nearly every platform you can imagine. Go ahead use the language of your choice, but we can provide you Java source code examples that illustrate how to perform most or your integration tasks. Maybe this is the time to kick the Java tires. You won’t regret it. Believe me once you try, you will never go back!
Question 15:   Does PCX support other processors than Elavon?
Our PCX solution supports only Elavon. However, Elavon supports several other processors and the list is growing. Please view our blog entry Processor Redirect for additional information. Keep your processor options open by using PCX! Currently, In addition to their own gateways, Elavon also supports the following processors: American Express, Chase Paymentech (Tampa), First Data (International Settle, NB, South RM3, and Nashville), Heartland, Moneris, TSYS, Vantiv (Fifth Third), Worldpay (RBS Lynk).
Question 16:   Must my organization purchase an Elavon merchant account to run test transactions on PCX?
Our customers do NOT NEED TO PURCHASE an Elavon merchant account to run test transactions sent to Elavon’s test server. Elavon will provide the using organization with a test merchant account.
Question 17:   Must my organization purchase an Elavon merchant account to run test transactions on PCX?
Our customers MUST SIGN UP for an Elavon Fusebox Gateway Account to run transactions sent to Elavon’s production server. This account must be registered by Elavon to be running CFXWorks’ PaymentCardXpress.
Question 18:   What does an Elavon merchant account cost?
Please contact Rodrigo Almeida @727-431-4464
Question 19:   If your organization already has an Elavon merchant account, must you purchase a new merchant account from Elavon to run production transactions?
You must sign up for an Elavon Fusebox Gateway Account. The gateway may use your existing Elavon Merchant account.
Question 20:   What if I need to change credit card processors in the future?
CFXWorks’ PCX solution supports the Elavon Fusebox Gateway. The Elavon Fusebox Gateway supports all major processors . Please view our blog entry Processor Redirect for additional information or discuss this directly with Elavon. Please see question number 15 for a list of processors supported.
Question 21:   My organization has an IBM iSeries (AS/400) installed. Does PaymentCardXpress support this platform.
Yes. PaymentCardXpress runs on the IBM iSeries, the AS/400, or the IBM POWER platform whatever IBM chooses to call this system. However, PaymentCardXpress does require a current Version of the IBM i operating system and Java 1.8 to be installed.
Question 22:   What market segments does PaymentCardXpress support?
PaymentCardXpress supports the eCommerce, Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO), and Retail market segments.
Question 23:   Your documentation refers to "Fusebox" and "Simplify". What are these two things?
Fusebox is environment mitigates risk by ensuring that card holder data is stored behind Elavon’s firewall. Fusebox is built on proven and redundant switch technology to deliver maximum uptime. Fusebox adheres to the latest PCI-DSS security standards.
Simplify is Elavon’s PIN Pad-based terminal application designed to process electronic payment transactions from a Point of sale (POS) system. Simplify supports point-to-point-encryption and EMV.
Question 24:   Our organization uses an order entry system written in RPG and 5250 emulators to interface with our users. Can PaymentCardXpress support this environment using point-to-point-Encryption and/or EMV technology?
Question 25:   Our organization requires support for IBM iSeries data queues and DB/2 residing on an iSeries. Can PaymentCardXpress support this environment?
Question 26:   PCI DSS requires that we replace use of SSL with TLSv1.2 to connect to Elavon. Does PaymentCardXpress support TLSv1.2?
Yes. PaymentCardXpress does support TLSv1.2. However, TLSv1.2 does require use of Java 1.8. It may also require an operating system upgrade. Call us if you have questions about TLSv1.2. We have had a lot of experience dealing with this issue.
Question 27:   We are being told by our consultant that to be "Out-of-Scope" we need to use iframe technology and tokenization to integrate our shopping cart with our payment card solution. Can PaymentCardXpress support this requirement?
Yes. PaymentCardXpress does support iframe technology as one of our integration options. The iframe technology does support tokenization.
Question 28:   If my management team demands that I change platforms (computer hardware, operating system, and/or database server) what options does PCX support?
CFXWorks tests PaymentCardXpress on many platforms and database servers including the following:
Platforms: Operating Systems Database Servers:
  • Intel and AMD processors capable of running Windows
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  • DB/2
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Intel and AMD processors capable of running Linux (RedHat and CentOS)
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  • AIX (1)
  • RedHat Linux (1)
  • IBM I (1)
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
(1) IBM Certified
CFXWorks does not charge you a new license fee if you choose to change platforms. If your platform of choice isn’t on our list of tested platforms… call us 678-455-0952.
Question 29:   Is PCX a “Cloud” based offering or can I run it internally on my own systems?
There is NO REQUIREMENT to run our software in the cloud (public or private). However, many of our customers run PCX on a VMWare Virtual Machine (private cloud environment) and simply connect to their IBM POWER processor, or whatever system they are running their other production software on, across the Internet or Intranet. This way they can delay paying for unnecessary IBM POWER upgrades (software and possibly hardware) that they don’t currently need. Also, they can isolate their payment solution from systems being used to run their front and back office systems. In addition to saving, or delaying, upgrade costs, there are positive performance and PCI DSS reasons for using this deployment scenario.
CFXWorks has been very aggressive in building and testing cloud solutions over the past half dozen years. We love the technology for building test systems. Also, we are convinced that cloud offerings will someday be in our future. But today, we don’t believe that they are ready for prime time!
Question 30:   Is a PCX container solution available from CFXWorks?
Watch this space! We have launched a prototype and are kicking tires. Will let you know our experiences.
Question 31:   Is a demo available from PCX?
Absolutely YES! Call us to discuss how this can be done allowing you to not only kick the PCX tires at NO CHARGE from CFXWorks, you can also complete you front and back office systems integration efforts without paying any CFXWorks license or support fees.
Question 32:   Can the demo be installed on my internal system?
The intent is that you install it on your system.
Question 33:   If I am interested in PCX, how do I get started?
Call CFXWorks at 678-455-0952, we love to talk to prospective new customers.
Question 34:   If I have technical or business questions?
Call CFXWorks at 678-455-0952 or send us an email to