Take the Payment Card Challenge!

  • Is it time to replace your payment card (credit or debit card) solution with one that is Out-Of-Scope? CFXWorks’ PaymentCardXpress® solution (PCX) has been confirmed by CoalFire, a PA-DSS QSA, to be Out-Of-Scope since PaymentCardXpress has no visibility to the Primary Account Number (PAN) or to sensitive card holder data.
  • Do you need a -solution that supports TLSv1.2, Tokenization, EMV, P2PE, and/or iFrame technology?
  • Do you intend to run your next generation payment solution on Windows, Unix, Linux, or IBM POWER (IBM i, AIX, or Linux)? Are you thinking public cloud? Our software is intended to be installed on your platform and database server (DB2, MySQL, or SQL Server) of choice. Several CFXWorks’ customers have deployed our solutions to their VMWare private cloud.
  • Do you need a “browser-freesolution for card present? Be careful with this one especially if your organization wants to run your payment solution on an IBM iSeries. Another dimension of this issue is the ability to use an EMV enabled POS terminal without requiring an EMV control program to be installed, configured, and running on a PC at each and every order entry location. Think of the nightmare of installing, configuring, and maintaining a control program at each and every sales location and keeping your payment network synchronized with your network. We have resolved both of these issues and would like to share our thoughts with you.
  • Is change your friend or foe? Is it an opportunity or an obstacle to your success? Would a more agile payment solution that will scale without rewrite, supports many programming language independent integration options, and will run on nearly any platform be a better fit for your future?
  • Would a NO COST, NO RISK, opportunity to install, test, integrate, and evaluate our software on your platform help you make a purchase decision?

CFXWorks challenges you to take a serious look at PCX. Ask us tough questions! We think PCX is a payment solution that deserves your attention.

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